Candy Dulfer – Girls and Boys

More Prince. I just can’t get enough! Same CD as the previous transcription, but this time it’s Candy Dulfer.

Not to be too controversial, but when I first became aware of Candy, I didn’t take her seriously enough. I thought that she was just another Sanborn clone, and the only reason she got any recognition (let alone a record deal) was because of her supermodel looks.

Years later (and hopefully wiser), I’m much more hip to what she brings to the table. Are there guys who can play better than her? Probably, but that’s always the case with pretty anyone. Chris Potter can play rings around Maceo, but Prince is going to choose Maceo every time for his band.

If it were all about technical ability, there would be only one sax player in the world who everyone would want for their gig.

Hopefully you can hear from this track just how funky she can be. It’s also a great contrast with the previous Maceo solo. Same band, same night, two different soloists with pretty different approaches, but both are killing it in their own way!

Candy Dulfer - Girls and Boys




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