My gear

In case you’re curious…

Alto Sax

  • Main Horn: Conn 6M VIII, 314XXX L serial # (~1946)
  • Backup Horn: Selmer Mark VI, 160XXX serial # (~1968)
  • Mouthpiece: RPC 90B
  • Ligature: Francois Louis Pure Brass
  • Reeds: Vandoren Java (green box) 2.5

Tenor Sax

  • Horn: Selmer Mark VI, 100XXX serial # (~1962)
  • Mouthpiece: RPC 120B
  • Ligature: Francois Louis Pure Brass
  • Reeds: Rico Jazz Select, 2M

Baritone Sax

  • Main Horn: Selmer Series III
  • Backup Horn: Yamaha YBS-62
  • Mouthpiece: RPC 120B
  • Ligature: Silverstein
  • Reeds: Rico Plasticover 2.5

Soprano Sax

  • Horn: Selmer Mark VI, 240XXX serial # (~1975)
  • Mouthpiece: Meyer 6M
  • Ligature: Selmer
  • Reeds: Forestone Black Bamboo (synthetic) MS


Yamaha 814W (wood)


Akai 4000S EWI

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