Maceo Parker – C Jam Funk

By request – Here’s the solo from the end of “C Jam Funk”, the track that rolls over the credits of the film “My First Name is Maceo”.  The track is also on the accompanying CD. It’s a long track, but a short solo – 16 bars, starting around 10:30. 

The movie/album came out in 1994. I actually have it on VHS tape, but I don’t have anything that plays it anymore! Fortunately, the whole thing is on YouTube. The quality isn’t great, but it’s from 1994…

It’s a hybrid concert/documentary, with both on stage, rehearsal, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. It’s Maceo and his band doing what they do best. Super funky music and great playing all around. There are great guest stars, including the Rebirth Brass Band and George Clinton. 

This track is an up-tempo funk groove. The solo is short, and pretty tough rhythmically. As the name implies, it’s all over one chord. 

Keep the requests coming – I like the challenge!



  • Artist: Maceo Parker
  • Album: My First Name is Maceo
  • Track: C Jam Funk
  • Instrument: Alto Sax



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