Playlist: Paul Desmond solos on Dave Brubeck’s “Time Out” album

When I complete transcriptions for all of the solos on an album, I’ll include them all in one playlist post for easy reference. The tag cloud is also a quick way to find all of the transcriptions by a specific artist.

Track Listing:

  1. Blue Rondo À La Turk
  2. Strange Meadowlark
  3. Take Five
  4. Three to Get Ready
  5. Kathy’s Waltz
  6. Eveybody’s Jumpin’
  7. Pick Up Sticks



Paul Desmond – Kathy’s Waltz

I’m closing out the year by closing out the “Time Out” album. The last track for me to finish is “Kathy’s Waltz”. My video and PDF just cover the saxophone solo, which is in 3/4 time.

The pitch on this one was really tough, about 20c off for some reason. I did my best to match it, but it was a struggle. Still, a beautiful song and solo, which was also fun to transcribe and play.

Paul Desmond - Kathy's Waltz




Paul Desmond – Everybody’s Jumpin’

The second to last transcription from the Time Out album. Although the melody goes through multiple time signatures, the solo is straight 4/4.

My video picks up with the last bit of the melody before the solo starts. The PDF has the whole song. Listening back, I seemed to be dragging a lot during the melody, but locked into the time better when the solo started. I love Paul Desmond’s playing, but his pitch is not as solid as I would have expected, especially in the upper register. I did my best to match up.

Paul Desmond - Everybody's Jumpin'



Paul Desmond – Blue Rondo À La Turk

I continue to power through the “Time Out” album. For some reason I’m just now getting around to track 1. This is a cool tune with the melody primarily being in a fast 9/8 (2+2+2+3) and the solos being in a slow 4/4 swing.

My video starts with the first of Paul’s solo fills, continues through his solo, then cuts to the end where he does some more solo fills into the melody to end the track. The PDF charts out the whole track from beginning to end.

Paul Desmond - Blue Rondo a la Turk




Paul Desmond – Pick Up Sticks

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house…Paul Desmond!

This track really grooves, the back-beat is so strong! But it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that it was in 6/4. Two and Four were easy to find, but it was hard to find One for some reason. Every time I thought I had it, I felt like I was turning the beat around (which of course I was since I was counting in 4/4 at first). I should have known better since this album is all about odd time signatures.

But once I figured the time signature out, it was all downhill. It’s a one-chord song with a  bluesy feel, and just beautiful playing. Nothing too difficult, but of course the time signature is a real challenge to play over since no one is used to playing six-beat phrases.

Paul Desmond - Pick Up Sticks




Maceo Parker – Everywhere Is Out of Town

I decided to reach down into the archive for a ‘deep track’ this week. So deep, you may have trouble finding the recording! An Amazon link to the CD (but no MP3 download) is above. You may have to look under either Maceo, Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley, the JB’s, JB Horns, etc. to find the CD. But it’s worth it! You may find it listed as “Pee Wee, Fred, and Maceo”.

Those post-James Brown recordings are super funky to me, and capture an important time period right before Maceo struck out on his own as the solo artist we know him to be today.

The transcription covers the entire track, but my video is only the alto solo.

Maceo Parker - Everywhere is Out of Town



Maceo Parker – Advanced Funk (Roots and Grooves)

I’m going through my backlog of Maceo solos, and ‘A’ seemed like a fitting place to start. This is a live version with a full big band. I’ll post the studio version soon.

For the sake of time, my video doesn’t include the melody, it starts with Maceo’s solo on page two, about 4:40s into the track.

Maceo Parker - Advanced Funk (Roots and Grooves)



Paul Desmond – Strange Meadow Lark

More Paul Desmond from the Time Out album. I’d like to finish all the transcriptions on this album someday soon, they are all so beautiful!

My usual caveat with the chord changes on this chart – it’s especially complex, and chords are not my strong suit, so fair warning on the accuracy! I cobbled together what I could from a lead sheet and my ear, neither of which I trust a great deal…

Paul Desmond - Strange Meadow Lark