David Sanborn – Somebody Up There Likes Me

Another request! Another track from the David Bowie “Young Americans” album. I had forgotten about this track actually. Young Americans is so iconic, it gets all of the attention. 

The approach is very similar actually. Sanborn plays throughout the entire track more or less. He melts in to the background over the verse and chorus, but really shines during the other parts.

The track opens with a sax solo, has another during the bridge, and then he blows some more over the ride out. So there’s a lot of material here.

  • Artist: David Sanborn
  • Album: David Bowie – Young Americans
  • Track: Somebody Up There Likes Me (Youtube Link)
  • Instrument: Alto Sax



P.S. Apologies for the gap in posting, Im recovering from some minor surgery, so no videos for a bit. I’ll try to catch up – I want to record this one!


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