Raphael Ravenscroft – Baker Street

I’ve been on a bit of a pop kick lately, and I’m setting a goal for myself to transcribe and record some of those legendary sax parts from pop songs over the years that keep getting requested over and over again.

This one tops most lists, and rightly so. I distinctly recall hearing this on the radio when I was growing up in 1978, There’s no doubt that it’s one of the songs that got me hooked on the saxophone sound early on. It’s definitely fun to be able to play it after all these years.

Like most pop songs, it’s all about sound and delivery. It’s not terribly technical otherwise. I realized that I transcribed the UK version, which has the same parts, but a slightly different roadmap. Just beware if you’re working up an arrangement with your band. The sax part comes back in a third time during the fade on the UK version, but I didn’t record it since it’s the same part.

I’m trying out a new alto mouthpiece for the first time in this clip (I’ve had it a few hours). I’ll post more about that later. Until then, let me know what you want to hear and play next?

Raphael Ravenscroft - Baker Street


  • Artist:Raphael Ravenscroft
  • Album: Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street (UK single)
  • Track: Baker Street
  • Instrument: Alto Sax